DIY – Install Closet Shelves

Closets are very useful, but the space that consumes is much more than their use; hence closet shelves allow you to use the space taken by the useless closets. Shelves are handy when it comes to huge closets which cannot be used entirely. Here are a few tips which will be useful to you when you install closet shelves in your bedroom.

  •    Remember that shelves must not make your closet look messy in any way because many times the carpenters install so many shelves in the single cabinet that the shelves end up being of no use, hence think before you install them.


  •    You can also install some hanging rods in the closet with the shelves which is used to hang things like ties, socks, etc. Rods are also very useful in closets. Rods also add to the luxury looks of your simple cabinets.


  •    Cut the wooden logs of a perfect size that matches the indoor size of the closet which will help you to install it easily.


  •    Install three 2×3 logs of wood in the three walls of the closet for the base that will hold the shelve. Make sure that the records don’t leave any space between them. Fix the woods with nails that are long enough to carry the weight of the shelve and the things kept above it.


  •    Cut a piece of cardboard that is entirely the same as the size of the closet and keep the board on the logs that you just fixed. Any hard glue will do the work for the shelve to hold stable and robust.


  •    Don’t use nails to fix the shelve on the logs because if you do the same then you will end up breaking the woods too and everything will become messy.


We hope that these tips will be of use to you when you install closet shelves in your home.


Residential Exterior Painting DIY

A perfect exterior painting extends the life of your home and adds beauty and curb appeal.  To get a perfect exterior house painting job, follow these tips below:


  1. Wash the exterior and scrape off loose paint:

Use a mix of water and a phosphate-free cleanser to wash off the dirt, clean it but don’t labor endlessly. Once it gets dry, remove the loose paint and flaking patches of paint to get a clear and balanced surface.


  1. Take time to prime the specific areas

To get the best of your exterior painting you need to invest time to top the problem areas with a quality sealer. Also, take care of this that if you are repainting the exterior walls then use the chalky wall sealer. It varies from walls to wall as for wooden sliding, and vinyl latex primer goes well. Check the instructions given on the label of primer to get the best results.


  1. Buy high-quality painting tools:

Make sure to buy top quality paints and tools while making the mind for exterior painting, applying paint coats doesn’t require much equipment or expensive paint boxes beyond what you’ve already made for scraping and priming. We recommend buying at least two top-quality brushes for applying the latex paint: one 4-in. Use a straight-bristled brush for vast surface areas and a 1-1/2-in. Angled sash brush for smooth work.


  1. Pick the appealing colors

The most important part of the exterior painting job is to choose the right colors. When it comes to selecting colors for your space, you’ll get various colors; it’s your call only to use the color. Spend some time to decide the color, check out the options which are appealing. Please don’t go for more vibrant colors it will fade away soon. Go for the stylistic elements of your space to choose the color which matches and complements your area.


  1. Spray and Roll It!!

After the paint for the long lasting result, you need to do spraying and back-rolling, this process requires two persons to finish this task in one go. This tip will not only help you in making this paint long lasting but also give texture to your walls.


  1. Final Touch up!!

Here we come to an end with the last step to paint the small things outside the space to give a more appealing look to the exterior painting. Like doors, molding, shutters, and other small decor things. To save time take long roller brush to paint all little details in one go.



So, these are few tips which one should consider to get perfect exterior painting; these tips will help in extending the life of your siding, space and increase the value likewise.


Turn Your Garage Into a Man Cave

So you just got a house with a garage you really don’t need? Perhaps you don’t own a car yet or you have where you park your car already, regardless of why the garage might be useless to you, the real question here should be ‘what to do with all this space?’ The answer to this question is endless, but for the purpose of this article, we shall address one – turning it into a man cave.

First thing first, a man cave can be essentially said to be a room or space where a male can come to ease the stress. A man cave should mainly comprise of things that appeal to the male specie. Sorry ladies, you are just going to have to look for another place to put your teddy bears, Barbie dolls, and numerous hairbrushes.










The first thing to do is determine the things you would love to be present in your cave. Once you have figured that out, it’s time to paint a little sports activity on the walls.  If your thing is football, then you need your college alumni or favorite NFL team where everybody can see it.  It’s the main attraction, right next to the big screen.  If you prefer baseball, you gotta put the infield diamond on the wall.  We recommend the guys over at Mesa Painting Pros paint the interior of your man cave.  Football fields, helmets, baseball fields, hockey logos, and so on.  They’ve done it all and it looks great!

Next, you should locate the furniture where you want it. The furniture setting should be centered on what the cave is going to be all about.

Permit me to explain.

If you are an avid reader, furniture should be shelves to hold your books, a table, and a chair. Avid video gamer? Furniture should be a shelf to hold your electronic appliances, a sofa and an optional table where you can put your soda and popcorn. It would make sense to construct a shelf when the cave is going to be used to play pool or foosball. You don’t have to spend much on furniture either as you could easily make do with what you already have as long as it is appropriate. The idea is to prevent you and your friends from standing or sitting on the bare floor.

Then you want to start thinking of things like lighting and cooling. Like the furnishing, these should be done in a way that it makes the activities taking place in the cave enjoyable. Imagine a bulb being at one end of the room and your foosball table at the other. Another thing to include is a fridge (whatever size, as long as it works), you don’t want to have to go back upstairs whenever you need soda or Cheetos. Or beer!

From this point onwards, further additions should be at your discretion. The most important thing is to make the cave look like yours, hang your favorite pictures on the walls, set up that wine cellar right there, do whatever you like.  It is yours and only yours!


Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets is not a job for the lazy and impatient. It requires lots of hard work and commitment and patience as it would take a couple of days or weeks before you can finally say ‘I am done.’ However, with the following few tips, you could find the experience less stressful:

  • Select the perfect paint

Remember, you are trying to paint your kitchen cabinet rather than your garage walls. The type of paint that works for the latter might not just cut it for the former. Regular paint are known to break and unable to withstand repeated cleaning. So unless you want to go through the stress of painting your kitchen cabinet every month, you should take your time in this step. Opt for the ones of higher quality and durability. They might be more expensive now but in the long run, they will prove to be a perfect choice.

  • Select the perfect paint color

Just like you would want the color of your walls to match that of your tiles or rug, you should be sure the color of your kitchen cabinet complements all your kitchen wares. The main idea behind this is giving the kitchen cabinets a finishing that lets it blend in with its neighbors (kitchen wares and appliances). Do go around painting your cabinet green when most of your wares are brown when a dark brown or black paint would have done the trick instead.

  • Get rid of paint bumps inducing objects

Rid the kitchen cabinet of things that could prevent you from easily and thoroughly painting. Believe me, nothing beats painting a smooth surface. Things such as hinges, screws, knobs, etc. should be removed from the cabinet prior to painting.

Lastly, be sure to get rid of things that could get stained from the surroundings of the cabinet you intend to paint. Pack the rugs, take away the curtains, wear your not so nice clothes. Hard as you may try, you making a mess is inevitable and we don’t want to be stuck scrubbing paint stains off the aforementioned now do we?

Once all these are out of the way, the rest is more or less child’s play.

Remodeling Your Bathroom

Even small bathrooms can require expensive materials for a perfect remodeling. But you really don’t need to spend more than you should for this project. You can remodel your bathroom for about $2000.

Here are few tips that you might need during the remodeling project:

  1. First of all, have everything on hand

Some items like special-order tile and vanity top can take weeks before they arrive. So you need some patience: Before taking a hammer to your bathroom, you should make sure all necessary items are on hand — including the plumbing fixtures, vanity, the tile, the tub, and any new lighting.

  1. Plan for shower storage

You’ll need an in-shower storage for your soap, shampoo, body wash, razor, and so on. The point of remodeling is to make your bathroom look classy, so don’t settle for those basic plastic units that hang from the showerhead; they can ruin the whole new design. Instead, you can install ceramic tile shelving in the corner of your shower. These shelves cost about $10 in tile stores. You can as well construct in-the-wall shelves. A finished shelf, a tiled one especially, looks totally attractive and doesn’t extend beyond the surface of the shower.

  1. Tear up the underlayment

Removal of old flooring tile can be difficult and time-consuming, in fact, some pieces won’t even come off. A faster and simpler way to do this is to tear up the underlayment together with the floor covering. Dividing the underlayment into smaller sections allows for an easier removal.

  1. Use accent tiles

Mosaic or glass tiles are quite expensive, but you actually don’t need so much to add some style to your bathroom. A dozen sheets can make a big impact in your bathroom.

  1. Get yourself a curved shower rod

A curved shower rod surprisingly adds more space to your shower. Although, you’ll have to pay more for a curved rod which is about $28, as opposed to paying $6 which is the starting price for a conventional straight rod. In addition to the extra space in your shower, the curved shower rods look really attractive and they are attached to the wall using screws instead of tension, therefore, you don’t have to worry about them being pulled down.

Aside from these tips mentioned above, there are also more remodeling ideas like updating the lighting, adding a spacer to the flange, and don’t be afraid to hire a pro.

Six Home Improvement Projects you’ll be Glad you did in Summer.

One of the things you do best as summer approaches is planning and figuring out how you’re going to soak in the sun with your family or friends. Well, it’s also important to do a few things to transform or rather your property during this time. The fact that everybody’s attention moves outdoors during summer doesn’t mean the only home improvement project to consider at this time is the patio. Even as you cook out, swim, and maintain your home, try out these project and see the difference they’ll make to your residential property.

Pressure Wash

Why not power clean your home and remove built-up dirt, sediment, and other debris? Summer is the best time to give your home’s exterior, driveway, and walkway an old-fashioned power clean. It’s an inexpensive service that will spruce up your residential property. This is what you need to get rid of the mold, algae, and mildew that could cause long-term wear and tear on your property. Since pressure washing requires skill and experience, it’s a good idea to hire a professional so the job can be done right without causing any damage to your property.

Spruce up your Yard

When it comes to summer home improvement projects, landscaping comes top on the list. Sprucing up your yard not only boosts your property’s curb appeal but increases its value, as well. It doesn’t have to be complex and expensive. Start by adding a few trees and shrubs in your yard, setting up a simple lawn and elaborate courtyard, cultivating a flower garden, and installing landscape if you’re a new homeowner. Landscaping is one of the least expensive home improvement projects but adds about twenty-eight percent to the overall value of a property.

Installing new Windows

The best time to swap out the old, drafty windows on your home with new, dual-pane energy efficient windows is in summer. Remember this is the time you want to ensure the air in your home remains cool even as you look forward to preventing warm air from escaping in winter. It’s also a good idea to install shades, awnings, window films, and curtains so you can control the heat getting through your windows.

Upgrading your Air Conditioning

Of course, this will involve spending a few thousands of dollars, but you’ll be glad you invested in a good air conditioning. It’s what you need to remain frosty inside, no matter the heat or temperatures outside. Upgrade to a more efficient condenser especially if the current one has been around for a few decades. You may also consider installing a ductless system if you’re still using the traditional air conditioning system.

Do a Minor Indoor Remodeling

It’s a fact that the kitchen and bathroom are rooms that tend to attract a lot of traffic in homes. When it comes to selling a home, these two rooms offer a high ROI. Well, you don’t always have to break the bank to make changes in your kitchen and bathroom. Why not replace your cabinet faces, update your lighting, install a kitchen face-lift, replace your sinks and install new plumbing fixtures? In your bathroom, you could replace your dated vanity. Doing these minor changes in summer will reward you.

Refinish your Outdoor Surfaces

While it’s important to add a raised deck, a covered porch or a backyard patio on your outdoor space, it’s a good idea to add a beautiful gloss to your existing wooden deck. Summer is the best time to refinish the deck, repaint your outdoor surfaces and re-oil the wood.

In conclusion, understand that you can tackle almost any home improvement project during summer. This is the best time to focus on your home’s exterior so you can enhance the look of your home. To achieve best results, consider hiring a professional contractor unless you’ve got the needed expertise and experience to handle a specific project.