Awesome Tips for DIY Closet Shelves Installation

Closets are very useful, but the space that consumes is much more than their use; hence closet shelves allow you to use the space taken by the useless closets. Shelves are handy when it comes to huge closets which cannot be used entirely. Here are a few tips which will be useful to you when you install closet shelves in your bedroom.

  •    Remember that shelves must not make your closet look messy in any way because many times the carpenters install so many shelves in the single cabinet that the shelves end up being of no use, hence think before you install them.
  •    You can also install some hanging rods in the closet with the shelves which is used to hang things like ties, socks, etc. Rods are also very useful in closets. Rods also add to the luxury looks of your simple cabinets.
  •    Cut the wooden logs of a perfect size that matches the indoor size of the closet which will help you to install it easily.
  •    Install three 2×3 logs of wood in the three walls of the closet for the base that will hold the shelve. Make sure that the records don’t leave any space between them. Fix the woods with nails that are long enough to carry the weight of the shelve and the things kept above it.
  •    Cut a piece of cardboard that is entirely the same as the size of the closet and keep the board on the logs that you just fixed. Any hard glue will do the work for the shelve to hold stable and robust.
  •    Don’t use nails to fix the shelve on the logs because if you do the same then you will end up breaking the woods too and everything will become messy.

We hope that these tips will be of use to you when you install closet shelves in your home.


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