Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets is not a job for the lazy and impatient. It requires lots of hard work and commitment and patience as it would take a couple of days or weeks before you can finally say ‘I am done.’ However, with the following few tips, you could find the experience less stressful:

Select the perfect paint

Remember, you are trying to paint your kitchen cabinet rather than your garage walls. The type of paint that works for the latter might not just cut it for the former. Regular paint are known to break and unable to withstand repeated cleaning. So unless you want to go through the stress of painting your kitchen cabinet every month, you should take your time in this step. Opt for the ones of higher quality and durability. They might be more expensive now but in the long run, they will prove to be a perfect choice.

Select the perfect paint color

Just like you would want the color of your walls to match that of your tiles or rug, you should be sure the color of your kitchen cabinet complements all your kitchen wares. The main idea behind this is giving the kitchen cabinets a finishing that lets it blend in with its neighbors (kitchen wares and appliances). Do go around painting your cabinet green when most of your wares are brown when a dark brown or black paint would have done the trick instead.

Get rid of paint bumps inducing objects

Rid the kitchen cabinet of things that could prevent you from easily and thoroughly painting. Believe me, nothing beats painting a smooth surface. Things such as hinges, screws, knobs, etc. should be removed from the cabinet prior to painting.

Lastly, be sure to get rid of things that could get stained from the surroundings of the cabinet you intend to paint. Pack the rugs, take away the curtains, wear your not so nice clothes. Hard as you may try, you making a mess is inevitable and we don’t want to be stuck scrubbing paint stains off the aforementioned now do we?

Once all these are out of the way, the rest is more or less child’s play.

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