Six Home Improvement Projects You’d Be Glad You’ve Done this Summer

One of the things you do best as summer approaches is planning and figuring out how you’re going to soak in the sun with your family or friends. Well, it’s also important to do a few things to transform or rather your property during this time. The fact that everybody’s attention moves outdoors during summer doesn’t mean the only home improvement project to consider at this time is the patio. Even as you cook out, swim, and maintain your home, try out these project and see the difference they’ll make to your residential property.

Pressure Wash

Why not power clean your home and remove built-up dirt, sediment, and other debris? Summer is the best time to give your home’s exterior, driveway, and walkway an old-fashioned power clean. It’s an inexpensive service that will spruce up your residential property. This is what you need to get rid of the mold, algae, and mildew that could cause long-term wear and tear on your property. Since pressure washing requires skill and experience, it’s a good idea to hire a professional so the job can be done right without causing any damage to your property.

Spruce up your Yard

When it comes to summer home improvement projects, landscaping comes top on the list. Sprucing up your yard not only boosts your property’s curb appeal but increases its value, as well. It doesn’t have to be complex and expensive. Start by adding a few trees and shrubs in your yard, setting up a simple lawn and elaborate courtyard, cultivating a flower garden, and installing landscape if you’re a new homeowner. Landscaping is one of the least expensive home improvement projects but adds about twenty-eight percent to the overall value of a property.

Installing new Windows

The best time to swap out the old, drafty windows on your home with new, dual-pane energy efficient windows is in summer. Remember this is the time you want to ensure the air in your home remains cool even as you look forward to preventing warm air from escaping in winter. It’s also a good idea to install shades, awnings, window films, and curtains so you can control the heat getting through your windows.

Upgrading your Air Conditioning

Of course, this will involve spending a few thousands of dollars, but you’ll be glad you invested in a good air conditioning. It’s what you need to remain frosty inside, no matter the heat or temperatures outside. Upgrade to a more efficient condenser especially if the current one has been around for a few decades. You may also consider installing a ductless system if you’re still using the traditional air conditioning system.

Do a Minor Indoor Remodeling

It’s a fact that the kitchen and bathroom are rooms that tend to attract a lot of traffic in homes. When it comes to selling a home, these two rooms offer a high ROI. Well, you don’t always have to break the bank to make changes in your kitchen and bathroom. Why not replace your cabinet faces, update your lighting, install a kitchen face-lift, replace your sinks and install new plumbing fixtures? In your bathroom, you could replace your dated vanity. Doing these minor changes in summer will reward you.

Refinish your Outdoor Surfaces

While it’s important to add a raised deck, a covered porch or a backyard patio on your outdoor space, it’s a good idea to add a beautiful gloss to your existing wooden deck. Summer is the best time to refinish the deck, repaint your outdoor surfaces and re-oil the wood.

In conclusion, understand that you can tackle almost any home improvement project during summer. This is the best time to focus on your home’s exterior so you can enhance the look of your home. To achieve best results, consider hiring a professional contractor unless you’ve got the needed expertise and experience to handle a specific project.

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