Turn Your Garage Into a Man Cave

So you just got a house with a garage you really don’t need? Perhaps you don’t own a car yet or you have where you park your car already, regardless of why the garage might be useless to you, the real question here should be ‘what to do with all this space?’ The answer to this question is endless, but for the purpose of this article, we shall address one – turning it into a man cave.

First thing first, a man cave can be essentially said to be a room or space where a male can come to ease the stress. A man cave should mainly comprise of things that appeal to the male specie. Sorry ladies, you are just going to have to look for another place to put your teddy bears, Barbie dolls, and numerous hairbrushes.

The first thing to do is determine the things you would love to be present in your cave. Once you have figured that out, it’s time to paint a little sports activity on the walls.  If your thing is football, then you need your college alumni or favorite NFL team where everybody can see it.  It’s the main attraction, right next to the big screen.  If you prefer baseball, you gotta put the infield diamond on the wall.  We recommend the guys over at Mesa Painting Pros paint the interior of your man cave.  Football fields, helmets, baseball fields, hockey logos, and so on.  They’ve done it all and it looks great!

Next, you should locate the furniture where you want it. The furniture setting should be centered on what the cave is going to be all about.

Permit me to explain…

If you are an avid reader, furniture should be shelves to hold your books, a table, and a chair. Avid video gamer? Furniture should be a shelf to hold your electronic appliances, a sofa and an optional table where you can put your soda and popcorn. It would make sense to construct a shelf when the cave is going to be used to play pool or football. You don’t have to spend much on furniture either as you could easily make do with what you already have as long as it is appropriate. The idea is to prevent you and your friends from standing or sitting on the bare floor.

Then you want to start thinking of things like lighting and cooling. Like the furnishing, these should be done in a way that it makes the activities taking place in the cave enjoyable. Imagine a bulb being at one end of the room and your foosball table at the other. Another thing to include is a fridge (whatever size, as long as it works), you don’t want to have to go back upstairs whenever you need soda or Cheetos. Or beer!

From this point onwards, further additions should be at your discretion. The most important thing is to make the cave look like yours, hang your favorite pictures on the walls, set up that wine cellar right there, do whatever you like.  It is yours and only yours!


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